Appraisal Districts

Nichols Jackson represents appraisal districts throughout the state of Texas. Our team of attorneys is accomplished in all appraisal district matters and provides a vast array of knowledge in such areas as contracting with vendors, employment law and other HR issues, Legislative Updates and opinions on the effects of same, opinions on exemption qualification, taxable situs, valuation methodology, the Public Information Act, and the Open Meetings Act.

We provide our clients with advice that is efficient, cost effective and catered specifically to each appraisal district’s needs. We work tirelessly with clients to maintain compliance with new legislation and any other administrative changes in the law that effect Appraisal districts. We stress the importance of implementing best practices, being as proactive as possible in dealing with any issues that may arise, so we can face them head on, rather than reacting when something unexpected occurs. Having worked with some of our clients for over 30 years, we use our expertise to avoid costly litigation if at all possible and take pride in all our clients’ successes. We offer full representation for any legal issue that may arise.

General Counsel

We often serve as external General Counsel to our appraisal district clients, where our primary role is to ensure that the district is operating legally at all times. As General Counsel, we serve as one of leaders of the appraisal district and are involved with setting the strategy and implementing strategic goals from a legal perspective. A General Counsel is not only expected to render legal advice personally and through staff, but we understand the business implications of any legal action or inaction. As General Counsel we help proactively identify issues that could cause harm to the Appraisal District.

Litigation, Arbitration &amp SOAH Hearings

We have a long and proven history in litigating ad valorem taxation cases, including establishing longstanding case law in this area. Our attorneys successfully defend our clients in all matters arising under the Texas Property Tax Code. A quick and diligent investigation of the facts of each case, combined with our many years of expertise, allow us efficiently gather evidence, present a throughout and cost effective case to a Judge or Jury, or reach a mutually-agreeable resolution of the case prior to trial at arbitration, informal settlement conference or mediation. Attorneys in our Appraisal District Litigation practice have a distinctive combination of trial experience and efficiency. We are always ready to go to trial if necessary, but understand that it often makes business sense to resolve a matter quickly to reduce costs. We have the experience and expertise to help you make the critical decision to go to court or settle a case.

Appeals & Amicus Briefs

Our appellate lawyers are frequently called upon to handle appeals. Additionally, we have filed amicus briefs to assist federal and state appellate courts on important issues of substantive or procedural law, on behalf of interested clients.