If you work in the government sector, you know better than most how strict hiring policies are and how even the slightest deterrence from those policies can result in serious consequences. In addition to countless restrictions and guidelines, those within the government industry must be wary of nepotism, which refers to the practice of those […]

Texas is one of those states where many municipalities are considered small towns, places wherein everyone knows everyone. For this reason, it is difficult for city officials to proceed with a decision without someone claiming conflict of interest. Yet, avoiding conflicts of interest must be done. If an appointed or elected public official acts in […]

With the number of social media users growing by the thousands on a daily basis, and with the number of newspaper readers shrinking at almost the same rate, it is no surprise that public officials have taken to social media to post public notices. However, is doing so sufficient in the eyes of the law? […]

Cities pay for a wide range of services for its residents, such as road building and public safety. Most states, recognizing that by making these expenditures, cities are benefiting not only their own areas, but also entire regions, often provide state-generated revenue to help pay for certain services and facilities. Unfortunately, the state of Texas […]

Most people have heard of eminent domain and know that it has something to do with government seizure of private land. However, many remain unaware of what it actually involves. This is understandable, as eminent domain is a complicated legal concept. If you have questions or concerns about the government’s exercise of eminent domain in your […]

Our legal team has a dedication to helping Texas residents with a wide range of issues related to local government and city law. Many of our cases involve the application of the Public Information Act. This law plays an important role in ensuring that the public has access to government information. Unfortunately, it is not […]

Texas has over 1,200 municipal governments, second in the country only to Illinois, according to the National League of Cities. The number of laws that each local government varies. It typically depends on the size of the city and county that those laws govern. The city of Dallas has over 1.3 million residents. According to […]

The day has finally come that Dallas residents can legally rent out “granny flats” on their property, according to D Magazine. A granny flat is a common term that refers to a secondary structure on a property. Often used for another person or family to live in. Traditionally grandmothers or mothers in law. Such properties […]

The average U.S. employee takes up to five sick days per year, according to Statista, meaning that Americans are frequently showing up to work with illnesses and injuries that hurt their performance as well as their bodies. Employees perform better when allowed to take adequate sick days and time off work to recover from major […]

City of Richardson v. Oncor Electric Delivery Company, L.L.C., No. 15-1008 After extensive briefing and oral argument, a unanimous Texas Supreme Court accepted the arguments urged by NJDHS on behalf of its client; the City of Richardson. Upholding the authority of home-rule cities to require utilities to pay the cost of relocating a utility’s poles. […]