Training And Products

Nichols Jackson has been representing cities and municipalities throughout the state of Texas for over 120 years. We pride ourselves on being able to provide expert knowledge with the complicated workings and handlings of municipal training. Our team of attorneys partnered with our vast resources set our clients up for immediate success and continued to sustain as their community grows.

We believe in having the most efficient and cost effective services for our clients so they can do what matters most to them; serve their city. Our team is ready to step in and serve you, bear the complicated legal weight, and help propel you into your community’s future.

Counsels, Boards, Commissions

Here at Nichols Jackson, we pride ourselves on being experienced and well-versed in the areas of counsels, boards, and commissions for your organization or municipality. We provide expert legal assistance as well as partnering with you to make sure the continuation of these establishments is proper and compliant.

Employment & Human Resources

Handling human resources and employee relations is difficult work, and can bog down the day-to-day operations and processes of organizations. We offer expertise and experience in all areas of human resources and can help your municipality with the paperwork, filing, and compliance of your city.

Building Standards Enforcement

Every city desires to grow, but not every city knows the right legal avenues and procedures to take for it. Here at Nichols Jackson, we understand the complicated workings of standards enforcement and have the necessary experience and resources to ensure that you city and organization are in the best place to continue to grow and serve your community.

Land Use & Zoning

The standards and complications that happen with land zoning within every city are enough to discourage any experienced professional. Let us do the heaving lifting for you. We bring unlimited resources and the expertise of one of Texas’ oldest law firms to the table to make sure that your city and organization is prepared for the future and can sustain the growth that your community deserves.

Employment & Human Resources

Open meetings and the Public Information Act require complex maneuvers and procedures to make sure they are handled properly and compliantly. Nichols Jackson has a talented team of attorneys with extensive real-world experience that are ready to help your municipality handle these complex matters with class and legal professionalism.