Why Choose Us


At Nichols Jackson, we understand the big question of, “Why choose us?” Our philosophy is to provide our municipal economic development clients unlimited access to large law firm resources and full-service expertise while serving with the same communal feel and convenience of in-house counsel.  Our firm has 15 full-time attorneys and a professionally staffed legal support team that possess a deep understanding of the operational needs of cities and economic development corporations which ensure that our clients will receive accurate, meaningful and reliable advice on-demand.

Because of the firm’s extensive experience in municipal law, our attorneys are able to confidently provide professional and unbiased advice to the development corporation, while avoiding the political and legal pitfalls that attorneys and firms with less experience may not know how to avoid. Our roots in the community provide us with valuable insight into the concerns of various municipalities and governmental entities. Our attorneys are dedicated to our clients’ success and passionate about the work we do in areas such as municipal law, civil litigation, and appellate law.

At Nichols, Jackson, we are committed to effective communication and pride ourselves in giving unlimited access and expansive resources to our clients. Our top goal is obtaining a successful resolution for our clients that can be based upon efficiency and results. If your city or municipality needs assistance, call us at 214-965-9900 and let one of the oldest law firms in Texas give you valuable insight, priceless counsel, and an experienced team of attorneys there to help you