Municipal Prosecutions

Municipal courts have jurisdiction over Class C misdemeanors committed within that city’s limits.  This is not limited to traffic offenses, but also includes minor theft and assault offenses, city ordinance violations, and a number of penal code violations.  A prosecutor’s role is not to seek convictions, but to see that justice is done.


The firm provides a city prosecutor to the majority of the municipalities it represents.  Our prosecutors have extensive background and experience, and some have prior experience as assistant district attorneys.


All of our prosecutors are capable of expediting a court’s docket in order to maintain an extremely high level of efficiency without compromising effectiveness. Our prosecutors are sensitive to the needs of the community as well as their vital role in local law enforcement. In addition, several of our attorneys routinely speak at seminars for the Texas Municipal Courts Education Center (TMCEC).


Fulfilling the Responsibilities of Local Governments to the Community

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