Trial and Appeals

Litigation can be the most expensive component of a city’s legal fees.  We, therefore, recognize that we perform far more effectively by giving the proper guidance and correct legal advice that avoids lawsuits, instead of winning those suits.  Of course, our litigation experience and history show that we are formidable adversaries, but success and sometimes vindication come at a price.  A better lawyer will give correct advice so that his/her client isn’t sued at all.


Complex legal issues should only be addressed by persons with the experience and knowledge needed to provide capable representation.  Our history shows that the firm has earned its reputation as experienced, knowledgeable, and capable.  


The firm serves as special counsel to numerous cities through appointment as defense counsel by the Texas Municipal League Intergovernmental Risk Pool, the insurance carrier for the vast majority of Texas municipalities. Nichols, Jackson is one of a select few law firms used by the Risk Pool to provide for the legal defense of their insured cities.  


The firm and its members have handled hundreds of cases in state and federal court over its history.  This site contains a listing of reported opinions, excluding slip and unreported opinions, of appellate and supreme court opinions of cases handled by the firm and firm members. 


Members of the firm are licensed to practice in all Texas state and federal trial and appellate courts.


Fulfilling the Responsibilities of Local Governments to the Community

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